The Latest From the World Of Jailbreak Brewing

It’s been awhile since I last blogged and while I realize that we’ve been pretty good at letting everyone know WHAT’S going on at Jailbreak…..we haven’t done a great job in letting everyone know HOW things are going at Jailbreak. With that said…..I’ll get into it.

We’re nearing two months into production and almost three weeks since we opened the taproom to the public. We’re now in over forty bars, restaurants and retailers from Ellicott City to Baltimore to Severna Park down to Annapolis but there’s still MUCH work to do. We survived a crazy opening weekend in the taproom with almost 1200 pints poured the first weekend. We had foam issues at the taps, shortages at the food trucks, longer lines than we’d like and a few broken glasses but we came out of it intact and ready for more.

I can say that personally, I’m exhausted beyond comprehension and am always questioning if we’re doing this right but in the end….I’m extremely proud of what we put out thus far. I’m even more excited about the improvements we’re making with the beer and the progress of our developmental batches. It is truly a challenge to summon the creative juices when you’re driving the bus 100mph hopped up on caffeine and struggling to find your fourth and fifth winds but trust me when I say…..the juices are flowing.

Our team basically lives together in so much that we spend more time together at the brewery than we do at home. I’m sure my children wonder where there dad goes everyday and why they don’t see me for days on end but when they finally do get me….they get a tired but extremely happy father for I very much love what it is I’m doing. That ever elusive “balance” in life will come at some point but for now…..we push forward….all of us.

For those that have visited us in the taproom or taken the time to try our beers at your local hangout…we thank you! Without the local support, we’d be lost so please know that we exist because of you all. Forgive us for not being more communicative. We’ll make it up to you all, for sure, when we finally come up for air.

Thanks again all for joining us on the journey and please feel free to email us or bend our ear when you see us out. We’d love to get your feedback and we do love hearing the stories behind your own “jailbreaks” in life whether the escape has been made or is simply in planning. And while I love the slogan “Live Simply”……I much prefer the idea of “simply living” as life is not measured in the number of years one has been on this earth but in the number of years one has truly LIVED. Be well all!



With over a decade of experience in the government contracting business, Justin brings to Jailbreak a wealth of sales and marketing knowledge. His creative spirit is embodied in all aspects of Jailbreak’s business.