The Latest What’s Up With Jailbreak

Let me first apologize to everyone for not posting more regularly but we’re currently neck deep in all things brewery related. If I had my way, days would be 36 hours long of which I’d sleep twelve of them, work twelve and play twelve. Damned be Mother Nature for only giving us a mere 24 hours to work with!!

So I’m sure everyone’s wondering what we’re up to these days. The good news is that we received our TTB license to brew! So basically we’ve met the Federal Government’s criteria (and in under the gun prior to the shutdown) and now await the great state of Maryland to finish up on their end. Needless to say that’s one MAJOR hurdle cleared!

We’re within weeks of filing for our construction permits and getting the buildout under way. We’re a bit behind schedule but nothing dramatic. In the meantime, we’ve been brewing like crazed beasts in an attempt to sure up the recipes we’ll be brewing on the 20bbl magic monster. Those who have stopped by the LAB to taste test seem to flock to our Belgian Strong Dark, Chocolate Coconut Porter, DIPA and Jalapeno IPA (my personal favorite). But we have seven other babies on tap as well that are all begging to be tweaked, refined and brought back to life so we’ve been busy with playing around with the details during our follow up versions.

We’ve also been busy with field trips as of late. We just got back from Asheville, NC where we spent a few days brewing with our friends at Wicked Weed Brewing. Those guys are silly crazy about their Saisons and Sours and damn do they make some good ones. We just got back this afternoon and will work/play/rest for less than a week before boarding a plane for Denver and five days of debauchery at GABF. By that point, our livers will be begging us for a vacation!

So as you can see, we’re staying busy. Should anyone be interested in tasting what we have on tap here in Crownsville, feel free to shoot me an email to and I’ll do my best to accommodate. In the meantime, drink worthy… well……and always, always, ALWAYS strive to be the biggest, baddest and more hard core YOU that YOU can be. No walls. No boundaries. Just endless possibilities . . .


With over a decade of experience in the government contracting business, Justin brings to Jailbreak a wealth of sales and marketing knowledge. His creative spirit is embodied in all aspects of Jailbreak’s business.