Is it all noise and what the hell’s the frequency Kenneth?

Yup….that’s right….it’s 1am and I’ve once again decided to write a late night blog post. Would you expect anything more or less? I’ve actually come to expect anything, everything and sometimes nothing at all so I can only hope you’ve risen or fallen to much the same level depending on your perspective.

I’ve spent the last three hours on a tiny respite from the world of touring one end of the state to the other. My world consists of pint nights, tap takeovers, festivals, shit shows, sales calls, speaking engagements, baby deliveries, rock concerts……ok…..maybe not the last few but it sure feels like it sometimes….. or at least in my head.

Now I’m onto loading customer information into a THIRD database and I’m REALLY hoping this one will prove to be the one that I ultimately end up using moving forward though I somehow doubt it. I’ll most certainly run through at least two or three more until I find one that suits my very specific and anal retentive needs. I’m just a guy trying hard to evangelize the good Jailbreak word to those that would be so kind and patient to listen to me ramble. It’s why I travel with liquid samples. If not for these….I’d likely get a swift kick in the ass with each bar and restaurant door I pass through. Thanks for being thirsty Mr. Small Business Owner!!!!

So the Jailbreak Team remains vigilant in our efforts to pump out great beer and to we continue to push the ball forward. We all try very hard to ignore or at least overlook the most vicious of our critics and continue to be grateful to those critics who see the method in our madness. Each and every day we’re compared to the finest breweries in the world and though it may seem unfair at times given our infancy, it’s needed as we need that bar set high. It’s what motivates us to continue to push the envelope. At times, it pushes us to the brink of insanity but we continue to find ways to keep it together and understand that somewhere in the middle is not our optimum destination.

At the end of the day, we realize that this is the path we’ve chosen. In life, there’s no rewinds… do overs. We’ve chosen to walk away from the comforts of our past lives and careers and reinvent ourselves if for nothing more than the hope of creating a piece of art that might resonate in the much larger world we live in. We continue to seek relevance in the hope that what we do might actually matter. We hope that we might actually make a difference and that what we create might one day be considered worthy. There’s no amount of personal wealth that can compete with the respect of your peers and the acceptance of a stranger. We continue to create and the road of creation is a long and winding path with indefinite and sometimes indistinct destinations.

So thank you all for volunteering as our audience. We’re all radio operators on an ill defined frequency and we can only hope you all find your way to our frequency….or should I say that we hope to find our way to yours. At times, the radio is silent and it’s in this silence that we traverse the corners of our minds in search of answers to all the questions we ask ourselves. Silence can be deafening but it can also provide perspective. And every once in awhile our transmission is received and returned and we smile (and sometimes cry) knowing we’re not alone. Feedback……feedback….FEEDBACK!!!! Good, bad, indifferent…..there’s feedback and it’s keeps us moving forward. Forward is the only direction we know or at least it’s the only direction that makes sense. Thanks for sharing your radio dial with us. It truly means more than you’ll ever know.


With over a decade of experience in the government contracting business, Justin brings to Jailbreak a wealth of sales and marketing knowledge. His creative spirit is embodied in all aspects of Jailbreak’s business.