Guess Who’s Back?!?

I first want to apologize for not posting updates recently. To be honest, we’re completely swamped with the brewery buildout. With an average of 30 contractors per day onsite, simply keeping up and keeping order is a full time job but trust me when I say we’re enjoying every second of it. Seeing the operation come together is zen like for sure.

So where are we at these days? Our early March tap room opening is likely getting bumped (not pushed or heaved or thrusted) back just a bit as we’ve decided to wait for our sloped floors to be completed before setting our other vessels. We’re considering future expansion so it’s likely best not to bury those guys in concrete. The bones of our buildout are at about 70% with some light plumbing, electrical, drywall and painting yet to be finished up. Our boiler lines are going in this week and glycol lines in the coming few weeks. We fully expect to be testing the system by the second week of February and into full production by the third week in February.

OK….so enough construction talk. I don’t want to lull you to sleep just yet. We’re pretty much set on our recipes which have been put to work again and again on our pilot system. Now we’ll focus on signing up solid distributors, fine tuning our ingredient suppliers, pulling together the tap room design details and making that last preproduction push for all the rest of the “stuff” for a lack of a more precise term.

I want to MOST humbly thank everyone who has supported us through their most enthusiastic support and/or online store purchases. We’ve sold a third of our Beta shirts thus far and have enjoyed meeting each of our new Beta family members. We’ve continued to add items to the store (have you seen those wicked awesome Hydroflasks yet?) along with some other cool shwag that we’re hoping you find useful prior to our opening. We fully realize that we are NOTHING without the support from our friends, family and local beer loving community so again and again and AGAIN…..thank you all. What we do we do for you.

OK….gotta run as tomorrow will be another long one. Love ya all and hope you’re all working on devising your own Art Of Escape.


With over a decade of experience in the government contracting business, Justin brings to Jailbreak a wealth of sales and marketing knowledge. His creative spirit is embodied in all aspects of Jailbreak’s business.