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Craft Beer Made with Conviction.

The Brewery

Jailbreak is a freedom expression. Beginning in 2013 and becoming fully operational in 2014, our artfully crafted beer is meant to be an escape from whatever drama is present in your life. We are made up of professionals from various industries all brought together by the common desire to make something different and do something with our lives that has more purpose.

Look for our Kosher Certified (link will download a PDF) beers at fine bars, restaurants, and retailers throughout Maryland and come visit our tasting room in Laurel to fully experience our culture.

Brandon Bachman

Beer Evangelist Maryland native and Navy Vet, Brandon can be found enjoying crab cakes while sipping some coffee beers!


Clay Baines

Lead Brewer Clay is our head brewer that can often be seen from the tasting room in his home away from home, the brewhouse.

Taylor Bee

Beer Evangelist Bee is for brewing!


Justin Bonner

Founder and CEO Justin is what’s known as the “wild card”. He’s opinionated, politically incorrect and likely in need of therapy.

Jessica Collins

Brand Ambassador Jessica, a Jailbreak Brand Ambassador who also holds a degree in Nursing, has learned that good beer can be the best medicine.

Carlee Delp

Territory Sales Manager San Diego Native - Gluten lover - Funniest sibling - Basic - Will work for cheese.

Allie DeThomas

Bartender / Beer Evangelist Beer lover & bartender extraordinaire

Rob Fink

Brewer I like coffee and beer...sometimes together.

Mikey Goldsmith

Beer Evangelist Life's too short and precious to fear the unknown!

Eddie Grove

Bartender / Graphics Design Art, Guitar, Beer, Repeat.


Ryan Harvey

Brewmaster Ryan is the mastermind behind our delicious brews

Matt Hughes

Logistics Manager Just give me a good hiking trail, a nice beer, and a Bruce Springsteen record all wrapped up in an American flag.

Eric Keim

Territory Sales Manager When not following the Steelers and Penguins, Eric can be found around DC/VA building the Jailbreak brand!

Tom McGuire

Beer Evangelist tmac is the nerd of the group making sure everyone enjoys their awesome beers responsibly!

Michael Navas

Brewer Michael is a man of few words. Any questions?

Becca Newell

Director of Marketing All you need is love...And beer!


Beer Evangelist Packaging - enjoying life one beer at a time. Cheers


Elizabeth Shear

Beer Evangelist Liz is our social media liaison by day and outspoken beer consultant by night. Bring her a cookie. She loves cookies - #allthecookies


Jennifer Sullivan

Territory Sales Manager Jailbreak's first territory sales manager and resident brewery sweetheart. Always the first and sometimes the only person to laugh at her own jokes.


Erica Turner

Industrial Engineer One of our original brewers, Erica now utilizes her OCD to wrangle the process and paperwork sides of our brewing operations.


Kasey Turner

Founder and COO Kasey is the pragmatic engineer of the group and lives his life one spreadsheet at a time.

Brandon Weaver

Beer Evangelist I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.

Constructed between 2013 and 2014 and expanded in 2015, our 16,000 square foot brewing facility is in full view of our tasting room. While sampling one of our brews you can watch our brew team making the next batch of fresh Jailbreak beer.

Taproom Hours:
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 3PM - 10PM
Thursday: 3PM - 10PM
Friday: 3PM - 10PM
Saturday: 12PM - 10PM
Sunday: Closed
9445 Washington Blvd N, STE F
Laurel, MD 20723


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Full, guided tours and tastings are offered regularly. Tickets are available on our events page. Free mini-tours available Wed-Fri at 3PM upon request in the taproom.

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our beers

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The Taproom

Updated @ 2018-02-25 13:00:10

The InfiniteAmber Ale5.0%19
Feed The MonkeyOrange Hefeweizen5.6%14
Made Wit BasilBasil Witbier5.0%17
Czech the TechniqueCzech Pils5.0%22
Into The DarkAmerican Stout6.0%57
Masque of AnarchyEnglish Brown Ale4.6%40
The White RussianCoffee Cream Ale5.5%13
Poor RighteousAmerican IPA6.5%55
FedheadGrapefruit IPA6.5%55
0Day IPACoffee IPA6.5%55
Big PunisherDouble IPA8.5%93
Dusk Till DawnImperial Espresso Stout10.3%65
Sister RobertaSour Cherry Porter6.2%24
de Garde de FaithBiere de garde6.7%10

Check out our Kosher Certifications (link will download a PDF)

Taproom Hours

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 3PM - 10PM
Thursday: 3PM - 10PM
Friday: 3PM - 10PM
Saturday: 12PM - 10PM
Sunday: Closed

Our tasting room seats about 85 people and holds 150+. Most of our seating is at communal beer garden-style tables or on soft leather couches in our "living room". Every seat has a prime view of our brewing operations, so you can watch our brew team at work while sipping a sample of our beer. We also have 4 large HDTVs and a 120" HD projector, and show all the best sports. Our music is user-controlled via a Rockbot app, so if you don't like what's playing you can change it!

We're always BYOF (bring your own food) and we work with local food trucks to park outside and serve a variety of food during our peak hours.

We also reserve our tasting room for private events and parties. Just shoot us an email to inquire about it!

Updated @ 2018-02-25 13:00:10

DateFood Truck
Wednesday 2/28 Say Cheese!
Saturday 3/3 Say Cheese!

Check out our tap room!

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    9445 Washington Blvd N, STE F
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