Food Trucks

Here is the food truck schedule for Wednesday  April 22 through Saturday, April 25!


Wednesday: T & J Waffles


Thursday: Bistro Lunch Box




Saturday: Phillies Phamous


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  • Jacob

    So happy to see Kommie Pig on the list! A lot of these I havent even heard of!

  • Hey, Kasey. Make those links… you know? Link.

    • admin

      We aim to please…Check out the Post again!

  • Danielle Garrett

    T and J Waffles is always a hit. They are beyond yummy!

  • Evin Copeland

    Just curious. I read about Sunday NFL football (sounds great). Which team is on the big screen….’skins or ravens?

    • admin

      We just had a vote on Facebook. Follow us there and vote for whomever you want to see!

    • Diane

      The Steelers are on the big screen, oh yea!

  • Matt Dove

    What times are the food trucks near the brewery? We are looking to get a small group for brewery tour and want to eat.

    • admin

      They generally get there around 4 or 4:30 during the week and around 2PM on Saturdays. We’re hoping they’ll start serving food by 1PM on Sundays.

      • Lisa

        How late do the trucks stay?

  • Lisa

    Is there an updated schedule for this week?

    • admin

      Yes! Reload this post!

  • Emily

    Do you know when you will post the schedule for this week (October 15-19)? Thanks!

    • admin


  • Cheryl

    Any chance I could find out what food truck will be there on October 22?

    • admin

      T&J Waffles!

  • Jim

    What’s the schedule for this week?

    • admin

      Tuesday – Growler Fills Only (no food or taproom service)
      Wednesday – BrickNFire Pizza
      Thursday – Closed
      Friday – Closed
      Saturday – Bullhead Pit Beef
      Sunday – BYOF

  • Jeremy

    How’s this week looking?

  • Emily

    Is there an updated list for this week? Thanks!

  • Corey

    Hey, what food truck will be there today? Thanks!

    • admin

      Sorry for the delayed response! We didn’t get things updated soon enough this week and will do better next week.

  • Erik

    Grill Free or Die- great pizza/ awesome people. Perfect addition to the lineup!

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